AI4ALL Platform
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Welcome to AI4ALL, Guest

AI4ALL is an Erasmus+ project aimed at exploiting the potential of AI in the field of Education, to help C-VET teacher better assessing the Digital Skills of their students in order to design customized training programmes.
The development of this project and its AI functionalities are only possible if a good number of teachers or trainers – and their students - use this free-for-use platform. So thanks for using it!

How to proceed:

  • Both students and teachers can log in by clicking on the log-in button here below.
  • Teachers can also register if they're using the platform for the first time.
  • Students can register only using the link provided by their teacher.

If you need any assistance, please use the contact section of this platform, or download the step-by-step guide we have prepared.
If you wish to know more about the project, have a look at the project's website!